Tennis/Pickleball Lessons with Shelby Winkelmann

All lesson pricing includes cost of travel up to 35 miles, at a time most convenient for you, all ages and skill levels.

Private Lesson (1 person) – $100/hr
Semi-Private Lesson (2 persons – must be from same household) – $125hr
Group Lesson (2-4 persons) – $160

Lesson Packages

All packages are based on an hourly rate and reflect 6 lesson outings for the price of 5 (6th lesson is free). All packages must be paid in full prior to the first outing and be redeemed within a 30 day period from the date of purchase. If you are unable to fulfill all lessons there WILL NOT be a “roll-over” into the next package or after 30 days. This is to help encourage commitment from you, the student(s), while providing a consistent foundation leading to more noticeable results and improvement. These packages are meant to dive deep into your game while we set reasonable and realistic goals. The final lesson of the package will be the “testing” day to reach the goal we set at the beginning of the month.  

Private Lesson Package (1 person) – $500
Semi-Private Lesson Package (2 persons – must be from same household) – $625
Group Lesson Package (2-4 persons) – $800

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