Fundraising Opportunities With Aloha Tennis Camps

Aloha Tennis Camps can help you raise money! In addition to bringing the community together through tennis and a touch of paradise, ATC is prepared to give back 10% of all proceeds. There is absolutely NO COST to your school, organization, or facility. We do ask for signed documentation for reservation of the facility as well as cooperation in marketing and promotion. Although ATC assumes responsibility for all marketing, promotion, and its correlated costs, we hope to work with any of your previously established marketing outlets. More camp participants equal bigger donations!

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If you are interested in having Aloha Tennis Camps come to your school we require a minimum of 3 months notification. This allows for ample time to prepare, market, and arrange operations. Below are the only requirements for Aloha Tennis Camps to successfully operate on any premises. Note: We provide all our own tennis equipment!


  • Minimum of 4 Tennis Courts

  • Water Source

  • Bathroom Access

  • Storm Shelter Access

  • Electrical Outlet Access (ideal, but not required)

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