Fundraising Opportunities With Aloha Tennis Camps

Aloha Tennis Camps can help raise money for your school! In addition to bringing the community together through tennis and a touch of paradise, ATC is prepared to give any school, organization, and/or facility a 10% donation for every week of operation. There is absolutely NO COST to the school, organization, or facility. ATC only asks for in return signed documentation reserving the tennis courts for the decided week(s) of camp along with cooperation promoting our camps throughout the school, organization, and community. All marketing and advertising costs will be the SOLE responsibility of Aloha Tennis Camps. The more students that enroll for camp, the larger the donations will be! We recommend all donations go to the tennis program(s).

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If you are interested in having Aloha Tennis Camps come to your school we require a minimum of 3 months notification. This allows for ample time to prepare, market, and arrange operations. Below are the only requirements for Aloha Tennis Camps to successfully operate on any premises. Note: We provide all our own tennis equipment!


  • Minimum of 4 Tennis Courts

  • Water Source

  • Bathroom Access

  • Storm Shelter Access

  • Electrical Outlet Access (ideal, but not required)

Insurance and Background Checks

Aloha Tennis Camps makes it a top priority to ensure that any school, organization, or business in operation or participation with Aloha Tennis Camps is not held liable. Each individual student and staff member is insured. It is also a requirement of Aloha Tennis Camps that all employees pass a background check.

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