About ATC

Aloha Tennis Camps are Hawaiian themed tennis camps for students between the ages of 7-17. ATC offers elite tennis instruction for all skill levels. Our ultimate goal is to provide each youngster a proper foundation for achieving limitless potential. Students receive fact-based, statistically proven, and biomechanical tennis instruction. Additionally, students will get to experience parts of the Hawaiian culture. Bringing together the fun and excitement of tennis, combined with paradise, is an amazing opportunity to introduce and maintain our youths’ interest in the sport.

Camp Overview

Aloha Tennis Camps run Monday through Thursday from 9am -1pm. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved in the event of bad weather. Students will receive approximately 3.5 hours of tennis instruction each day with a total of 30 minutes set aside for snack and lunch. There will also be frequent drink and rest breaks between/during activities. ATC has a very good student-to-teacher ratio striving to maintain no more than 8 students per instructor. There are a maximum of 24 tickets available for any given camp. Camps are constructed around a progression system where each day builds the layer for the next day of instruction. During the entirety of the camp we will also be having fun talking about the Hawaiian culture and experiences from paradise.

Where it Began

Shelby Winkelmann

Aloha Tennis Camps Founder, Camp Director

  • Private Tennis Professional, USPTA Certified Professional
  • Tennis Professional, Kohanaiki Private Resort
  • Head Tennis Professional and Director of Activities, Rutgers Tennis Center at Hawaii Preparatory Academy

Aloha Tennis Camps began on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Hawaii Preparatory Academy located in Waimea, Hawaii has an indoor tennis facility open to the public. The Rutgers Tennis Center, operated by Jeff Lewis – Director of Tennis, offers tennis camps for youth in the local area during school breaks. As the head tennis professional at the Rutgers Tennis Center during that time, I saw an opportunity to bring these amazing experiences and programs back to my home state of Michigan. This is my chance to give back to the youth where it all began for myself. Many wonderful people and important mentors have extended their hand which without I would not be where I am today. I feel compelled to extend my reach as I have been given the knowledge and drive to offer today’s youth the same opportunities and mentoring I have received.

Special Thank You!

Jeff Lewis

Director of Tennis, Rutgers Tennis Center at Hawaii Preparatory Academy

Jeff is an incredible teacher and mentor. He is an all around advocate for the sport of tennis. Especially inspiring, is his empathy and willingness to give all students the chance to learn while becoming better athletes. Without Mr. Lewis, Aloha Tennis Camps may have never been realized.

Scott Zerlaut

Mathematics Teacher and High School Tennis Coach, Grant Public Schools

As a high school tennis coach, Scott’s commitment, love of the game, and passion for helping our youth is unparalleled. Coach Z is and always will be held in high regards as an ambassador of not only tennis, but helping guide youngsters toward a path for success.

Vic Braden

Coaching Youth Tennis Pioneer, Vic Braden Tennis College

Mr. Braden has done an unbelievable amount of work, research, and discovery that has contributed to the game of tennis. His countless hours of research, instruction, and mentoring for today’s youth (much of which is adopted and implemented into the Aloha Tennis Camps curriculum) has expanded the opportunities for youngsters tremendously. This man blazed the path and laid the foundation so instructors of today can provide more fun, more efficient, and more lasting tennis instruction to all children.